Buying a House Without a Large Down Payment

20% Down Payment?

Have you hesitated to buy a house because you think you can’t, or shouldn’t, without a 20% down payment? You’ll be relieved to hear that isn’t necessarily the case! According to the National Association of Realtors, the average down payment was only 6% in 2017, down from 11% in 2016. While we do recommend talking to a mortgage or financial expert, read on to learn more about buying a home without a large down payment.

VA, FHA, Conventional Loan Programs and Down Payment Assistant Programs all help make it possible to buy a home with less than 20% down.
VA Loans are either fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgages that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs backs as a benefit for active-duty military personnel, veterans and some Down Paymentspouses/widow(er)s. While credit is taken into consideration, typically minimal requirements allow one to qualify for competitive rates as well as 0% down.

FHA, Federal Housing Administration, Loans allow one to put as little as 3.5% down and typically can help borrowers who would not qualify for other types of financing. Those with lower credit and higher debt to income ratios would use this loan as opposed to a conventional loan. However, although this loan allows many people to qualify to buy a home that otherwise would not be able to, there is mortgage insurance that must be paid on top of the actual loan amount for the life of the loan.

Conventional Loans require that the borrower have a minimum FICO score to qualify however do not require a 20% down payment. The rates for these loans are low but private mortgage insurance is typically required until the loan-to-value ratio reaches 80%.

First Time Home BuyerOftentimes restricted to first time homebuyers, down payment assistant programs are designed to be secondary loans or gifts to help meet minimum down payment requirements. Different variables are taken into consideration such as credit score, income level, property type, and property location to determine who and how much one will qualify for.

So while a lot can depend on individual scenarios, it is reassuring to know that there are several options out there that do not require a 20% down payment in order to get you into your Next Home!

Not sure where to start your home or loan search? Contact one of our NextHome Priority agents today!

NextHome All Pro Realty Opens in Michigan

NextHome All Pro Realty Opens in Michigan Dewayne White launches his new office in Northville, MI Pleasanton, CA — June 20, 2016 — NextHome is proud to announce our latest addition to the franchise, NextHome All Pro Realty. Owned and operated by topproducing real estate broker Dewayne White, the brokerage represents the ninth NextHome location in the state of Michigan.

Dewayne will be joined on the leadership team by Joe Conway, who will serve as Team Leader for the office.

Based in Northville, the brokerage will provide residential real estate services to the areas of Northville, Plymouth, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Canton, Southfield, and the remainder of Oakland, Wayne and Washtenaw counties.

NextHome All Pro Realty will provide services such as first-time homebuyer representation, investment purchases, and new home builder business.

Located 30 minutes northwest of Detroit, Northville is home to just over 6,000 residents.

Dewayne comes from a unique background. In 2003, he was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Playing seven years in the NFL, Dewayne saw the benefits of investing in real estate early. He began purchasing properties for his real estate portfolio in 2004.

Getting his real estate license while still an NFL player, he assisted several teammates in purchasing properties. When he retired in 2010, he focused his attention to new construction development and real estate sales.

“I had a goal to create a real estate company where we create income to help fund other businesses,” said Dewayne. “When I started DW Development in 2013, we were able to build quality custom homes throughout the Detroit suburbs.”

In 2017, Dewayne found NextHome through a familiar connection – an existing NextHome franchisee.

“Brad Sandberg and Jeff Scott (owners of NextHome Edge) help me with my property management,” said Dewayne. “I looked into the NextHome franchise and loved what I saw. With the flexibility of the franchise fee structure and the tools offered, I knew the company would be a good fit for my brokerage.”

Dewayne met Joe back in 2013. In 2018, he asked Joe to join the brokerage as the person who would help grow the company with talented agents.

“Knowing Joe and his skill set of running a brokerage and organizing a successful company, he’s a great person to be in business with,” said Dewayne.

“I was running a team for an independent brokerage when Dewayne and I began talking about NextHome,” said Joe. “I loved his vision on how he wanted to grow his brokerage. I did research about NextHome and liked what I saw. It was a great opportunity to work together.”

Dewayne says the NextHome All Pro Realty difference for the brokerage will be to provide agents a small-town atmosphere with high levels of technology and systems.

When not selling real estate, Dewayne spends time with his family. He and his wife of 13 years, Melissa, have four children – daughters Makena (age 16), Maya (13) and Malia (7) and son Luke (9). He has plenty of activities he does with the kids, but really likes the time spent together playing video games.

Joe has a daughter, Ava (16) and enjoys cycling and gardening. The two of them also donate time “life remodeling,” where they help clean up blight around their community.

Please join us in congratulating Dewayne, Joe and the rest of the team at NextHome All Pro Realty on their brand new NextHome office!

Special Olympics Summer State Games

NextHome Priority at Special Olympics Tournament
NextHome Priority

NextHome Priority Cares – Special Olympics

One of the many things we are passionate about over here at 20 Park Ridge Drive, is volunteering and participating in community events.  Recently, a group of our agents had the honor of assisting at the Special Olympics Summer State Games Tournament in Stevens Point.  This event has been hosted at UW-Stevens Point since 1979 and typically has approximately 1,500 athletes attend along with 500 coaches. Around 600 volunteers are required each year to make this event a success!

While we made up a small portion of those 600 volunteers, through assisting with gathering data on health and lifestyles of the athletes, our team members were able to engage with not only the Special Olympics athletes but their families as well and gain a greater understanding of what the day to day life looks like for these individuals. Tammie Cansler mentioned that “it is definitely a heart fulfilling event. Everyone was in it for the sake of the team. The athletes were very much looking to work together and were careful to not leave anyone out.” She was grateful to be able to attend, let alone volunteer in such a helpful position!

We are so lucky to host events like this in our community that bring various community members together. Kalee Zdroik  “absolutely loved the joy, the energy and all the smiles that all the athletes had while interacting with them.”  Her time volunteering flew by with how much fun she was having and she looks forward to doing this again in following years!

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on future events in the Stevens Point area that you may be interested in volunteering with! Also stay tuned to hear more about the community events where you will see the NextHome Priority Family!

Keeping Your Lawn Mosquito Free!

Summer has finally reached Stevens Point and along with that comes pesky mosquitoes! Whether you are in a new house and need to get some Mosquito Free Yardlandscaping done or in a home you have lived in for years and want to spend time outside barbecuing, mosquitoes can be a huge deterrent! Are you looking for ways to keep these pests out of your yard? Keep reading for tips on enjoying your lawn with as few of these biters as possible!

The first step is prevention! Eliminate standing water by dumping out kiddie pools, dog bowls, plant saucers, tarps, etc on a regular basis. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to reproduce and the entire process only takes 7-10 days from the time the eggs are laid to them becoming adults. Trash and leaves should be thoroughly cleaned up from your yard regularly as they create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Finally ensure that your gutters are cleared so water can run through them quickly. Spending a little time on these tasks throughout the summer will prove to be well worth the effort.

While you are landscaping,French Bulldog in his yard incorporate these plants as natural mosquito repellents: citronella, catnip, rosemary, marigolds, horsemint, ageratum. These plants are fairly easy to grow and give off a scent that repels mosquitoes. The effectiveness does depend on circumstances though such as the quantity and sometimes variety of the plant as well as the weather. If it is a breezy day and the wind is blowing a direction opposite of where the mosquitoes are flying from, these of course will not be as effective.

Mosquito traps as well as chemical sprays ar e another option. Mosquito traps typically use a propeller or vacuum to suck the bugs into the machine where they are then killed. These traps do work right away but it does take approximately a month to break the mosquito breeding cycle for a significant difference. Chemical sprays, whether done by the home owner or by a company are another way to reduce or eliminate the pests. There are several options available that range from having to retreat the yard every few weeks to commercial grade treatments that will last an entire summer. Toxicity, amount of yard to treat, as well as reviews of the product should all be considered before choosing a chemical treatment.

Finally, in combination with any of these techniques, using fans on your patio, wearing nets, and spraying repellant or essential oils on yourself or clothing while outdoors will allow for you to enjoy your time outdoors!


Design Trends of 2018

The design trenHome Design 2018ds of 2018 seem to be quite bright! Lighting and lighting fixtures are a large focus of interior design. That along with a more natural look that focuses on bringing local area elements into the home are currently trending.

Throughout homes in 2018, you can expect to see more and more design elements from local artists and small businesses, especially when it comes to light fixtures. The trend is veering away from the tech savvy look of 2017 to more of a natural and artistic appearance. This includes large art pieces, creating gallery walls in the home as well as large light fixtures. This artisan trend is one we can really get behind here at NextHome Priority. It helps support local businesses and the local artistasans. Their pieces can be found at local businesses such as Antique Up, Emy J’s. Q Gallery, Riverfront Arts Center, Judah Studios, and Mission Coffee House.

Alongside the artisan elements, interior design is going back to a more natural look including stone, copper, granite, dark wood, and concrete. Copper in particular is something you can expect to see more of specifically in accents throughout the home including faucets, wall pieces, and light fixtures. Mixing these natural elements pexels-photo-1090638together in the kitchen is something that will be in high demand. Home owners can try mixing different sizes and colors in order to personalize their space while remaining stylish. Bold kitchens that make a statement with mixed natural elements and unique light fixtures may be the biggest trend of 2018, however these trends can also be carried over to the living room.

The advice to hang onto clothes as they are sure to come back into style seems to be true for home décor in your living space as well. In 2018, many old styles are making a comeback including 70’s chic, burnt yellow, geometric patterns and even velvet! Curvy, colorful chairs, fringe, and bold, color rich patterns are seen throughout the home. Vintage lighting, including aged copper used as accent pieces throughout the living room are being used as a way to add functional character to high traffic areas.

Whether you are trying to give your house an edge on showings or perhaps just impress your friends and families with your space, implementing even just a few of these ideas can help modernize your living space.




Christie House Theaux (left) and Joy Cobert

Christie House Theaux (left) and Joy Cobert

Pleasanton, CA— May 18, 2018 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Cutting Edge Realty This is the fourth NextHome office opened in the state of Louisiana.

Based out of Lafayette, the brokerage will be owned and operated by business partners Christie House Theaux and Joy Cobert.

NextHome Cutting Edge Realty is dedicated to serving the needs of clients in Lafayette, Acadiana, Broussard, Youngsville, Carencro, Maurice, Abbeville, Breaux Bridge and the remainder of the Lafayette parish area.

Both Christie and Joy have been licensed since 2011. Building their businesses independently from each other, they decided to partner up in 2018 to start NextHome Cutting Edge Realty.

Christie has been the leader of the House Team and has consistently sold 60+ homes annually. As one of the top real estate teams in the Lafayette area, her dedication to client service has earned her the reputation of a respected leader in the community.

Joy has an impressive resume as well. While selling more than 25 homes yearly, her skills as an instructor have led her to various positions of leadership. As the Productivity Coach at her local Keller Williams, she helped coach more than 40 REALTORS® on all things real estate including prospecting for new business, providing world-class client service, and best practices to retain clientele.

While both women each had successful businesses, they wanted more for themselves and for the local real estate industry.

“I wanted to bring something different to the area,” recalls Christie. “I wanted to showcase how real estate should be done and raise the bar in real estate. After sharing that with Joy, she felt exactly the same.”

As they looked at options for a real estate franchise, they felt one company in particular aligned with the goal of changing the real estate game – NextHome.

“After talking with (NextHome’s VP of Sales) Charis Moreno, we both felt the choice was easy,” added Joy. “NextHome was the natural choice of company to partner with.”

The business partners will lead NextHome Cutting Edge Realty with the intention of providing a high level of marketing not normally seen in their area. By offering a career-oriented environment for local REALTORS®, the brokerage will provide top level coaching and guidance, while holding high professional standards for all listings and buyer representation.

Christie and Joy also volunteer time and efforts for their Lafayette community.

Christie volunteers at Lafayette High School, where she sits on the Board for the school’s Booster Club and football team. Lafayette High School is the largest high school in the state of Louisiana.

Joy leads a children’s ministry group for Our Saints Church in Opelousas, LA. She volunteers her time as both a speaker and personal growth coach for children.

Christie and her husband, Rocky, have three boys – Brett (22), Christian (17) and Ryker (11 months).  Their family are avid water recreationists and love boating and offshore fishing.

Joy and her husband, Roger, have three children – sons Christian (age 16) and Colin (12) and daughter Carleigh (9). The family loves to travel and recently returned from a Florida Disney World vacation.

Please join us in congratulating Christie, Joy and rest of the team at NextHome Cutting Edge Realty for the opening of their brand-new office location in Lafayette, LA!

New Real Estate Company in Stevens Point!

NextHome Priority Lobby
NextHome Priority Lobby


What happens when multiple talented agents from separate companies come together to start a new franchise? A new real estate office forms that is going to change the way real estate transactions are done in Central Wisconsin!


NextHome is an innovated, forward thinking, consumer centric company. NextHome Priority opened its doors in 2018 and already a force to be reckoned with in the real estate market, with 55+ years of combined experience and an untouchable drive to succeed!


NextHome Priority Real Estate

NextHome Priority is a full service real estate office located at 20 Park Ridge Drive in Stevens Point.Central Wisconsin and beyond are served by this team of realtors®. Check out our About page to learn more!


NextHome Priority Real Estate

Why choose NextHome for your real estate transactions? NextHome is locally owned by supported nationally with over 250 NextHome offices.With a franchise network based out of San Francisco, the Technology Capital of the World, the company is constantly evolving and improving the buying and selling process for the consumers and agents. With local owners,there is no corporate agenda. The best individual decisions are able to be made to best serve our real estate customers. Rather than having individual agents competing to complete transactions, we are an entire team working together to serve our clients.


Our NextHome Priority family is made up of ten real estate agents and one “insert crazy job description based on the day”. Joshua ZimmermanMichael Kurylak, and Holly Carter are the three owners/realtors®. Within our office we also have the following real estate agents Keith Lehman, Jeremy Manthey, Amy Meehan, Keely SullivanLynn Senfelds, Tammie CanslerCarlee JakubekTanya Shulz, and Kalee Zdroik.We have Brittany Thomas, the Director of Business Development and finally, we have Luke! Luke is our adorable, orange mascot who is a favorite of kids and adults alike.


NextHome Priority changes the way real estate is done in Stevens Point through innovative marketing,listing distribution,improved signage and a whole new DNA aspect to the team. Click here to read more on how these different strategies are implemented to improve real estate transactions. If you are in the market to buy or sell real estate, read these pages to gain a better understanding of the process.  Buyers click here! Sellers click here!

Real Estate Agents Supporting Local Heroes!

Our Real Estate Agents are Here to Help You!

Real Estate Agents Helping Heroes
Supporting Local Heroes-Real Estate

Do you make a point to thank the local heroes you meet? Here at NextHome Priority,our real estate agents do everything they can to give back to those who make a difference in our community. Whether someone is a police officer, fire fighter, active military or a veteran, a teacher or a doctor, we believe they deserve a big thank you simply for everything they do on a daily basis.

Beyond the financial benefits, we are here to guide you, answer any questions and make this transition a positive one for you.We are able to provide recommendations on home inspectors, lenders, title companies and more that are compatible with home for heroes programs.

Our Real Estate Agent’s 2017 Impact

Watch Keely & Kalee share exciting news on how we, as real estate agents, made an impact in the lives of those local heroes in our community. Although we may never be able to fully repay them for all they give to us, we will certainly do everything we can to pay back their countless hours of service. Our agents chose to participate in the Homes for Heroes program where a portion of their commission was donated back to the hero who bought or sold their home. This money has proved to be invaluable when it comes to covering costs such as buying new appliances, new furniture, or even just having that extra financial cushion during a financial transition in your life.

If you are a teacher, doctor, military veteran, fire fighter or police officer who is looking to buy or a sell a home-be sure to check out our featured listings here or call one of our real estate agents today!


Luke – NextHome Priority’s Mascot

Meet Luke-Your Neighborhood’s Favorite Dog!

Be sure to watch for Luke, our NextHome dog, to start popping up in your neighborhood!


#wheresluke, NextHome Priority
#wheresluke, NextHome Priority

Our friend, companion and mascot. When Luke is not out in the field and enticing people to tour new homes for sale or playing with neighborhood kids, you can find him relaxing at home with his favorite book. Born with an affinity and passion for real estate, Luke is an avid supporter of homeownership opportunities, financial security, green living and personalized lifestyle.


He is experienced in playful engagement, trotting and making people smile. He loves attention and organic food. Luke travels extensively in his role as Ambassador at NextHome Priority Realty, visiting listings, offices and bringing energy to the communities our members serve. Luke helps bring excitement to the home buying and selling process as a mascot that adults and kids both enjoy!


Be sure to keep an eye out for Luke appearing in yards before for sale signs, rumor has it that prizes and competitions will soon be in full swing. Stay tuned for more information on rewards for people who spot Luke first. Luke also stars in our Facebook and Instagram profiles.We would love it if you see Luke out and about to take a photo and tag us at @NextHomePriority.


Here at NextHome Priority, we are ready to successfully market your home with our many innovative techniques that set us apart from other real estate companies in the Stevens Point area. Along with Luke the dog creating brand recognition,we have specially designed yard signs, the latest technology and apps, sharpest designs, and effective branding company wide to get the message out to potential buyers effectively and efficiently. Choose one of our agents here and find out why NextHome Priority is the best choice for  your real estate needs.